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Landgoed Hoenderdaell - Omar the Lion by SSJGarfield
Landgoed Hoenderdaell - Omar the Lion
Landgoed Hoenderdaell, Anna Paulowna, The Netherlands

Meet Omar, one of the lions rescued by the park's Big Cat Rescue center Stichting Leeuw. 

What is "Stichting Leeuw"?

Stichting Leeuw (Translation: The Lion foundation) is a rescue center for lions, tigers and other big cats who have been rescued from zoos who have gone bankrupt, circus's in countries where it has become illegal to have wild animals perform and other places where they were either abondoned and/or mistreated. 

The main goal of Stichting Leeuw is, when possible, to teach them how to be wild again and relocate the rescued big cats to their biological habitats in the wild.

The story of Omar.

Omar was born in 2012 at a circus and was sold to a private owner who thought he would make a good pet, when he was just a mere cub. He was rescued from a Slovakian private owner who's father tried to sell the lion online when he and his wife fled the country, abandoning the lion. The poor lion didn't get any proper treatment for months on end and that's when Stichting Leeuw found out about the lion's poor living conditions Omar was 70 kg (140 lbs) under weight and suffered from extreme cold weather conditions and suffered scratch marks from living in a small enclosure.

Omar arrived at Stichting Leeuw in March 2015 where he was provided with the proper care he needed.

I hope you guys like this pic of this poor brave lion who, despite all the odds, made a full recovery.
Perfect Cell x Yellow Diamond WIP by SSJGarfield
Perfect Cell x Yellow Diamond WIP
Here's a little pic in process of a pairing I thought off.

Perfect Cell (DBZ) x Yellow Diamond (Steven Universe)

I've paired these two because:

- Both have full disregard towards other life forms
- Both are basicly genderless but with Cell leaning to male and Yellow Diamond leaning to female
- Both are considered perfect either by themselves or by their loyal followers

I'll colour the pic later on.

Perfect Cell (c) Akira Toriyama
Yellow Diamond (c) Rebecca Sugar
Happy Birthday - Taisuke meets Mirembe by SSJGarfield
Happy Birthday - Taisuke meets Mirembe
A birthday gift for :iconprincevegeta86:

His character Taisuke Ueshima meets my character Mirembe Hoperu in a very awkward situation

Inspired by the following scene from Gintama:…

Enjoy =D

Taisuke Ueshima (c) :iconprincevegeta86:
Mirembe Hoperu (c) :iconssjgarfield:
Resurrection F Jagaimo by SSJGarfield
Resurrection F Jagaimo
Jagaimo as she would look like if she would have appeared in Dragonball Z - Fukatsu no F (Ressurection "F")

Enjoy =D
Praying mantis by SSJGarfield
Praying mantis
Praying Mantis: May I talk to you about our lord and savior? =3

I found this little fella during my last few hours of holiday in Benalmádena, Spain
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Hey guys,

Once again I had some crazy shiny luck over the last few months

Honedge (Erza) 349 eggs
Honedge (Scarlett) 15 eggs
Buneary (Stewie) Dex-nav
Vulpix 5 eggs
Vulpix (Kushina) 115 eggs
Tyrunt (Tanza) 152 eggs
Dedenne (Cote^dor) 555 eggs

Rufflet (Steve Rogers) 5 eggs
Scolipede (Japanese) Wondertrade
Zubat (Nosferatu) Horde Encounter
Cubone (Emerald) 363 eggs

Flabébé (Veronica) 1030 eggs

Ralts (Lapis Lazuli) 907 eggs
Ralts (Topaz) 133 eggs
Combee male (Alex) 67 eggs
Combee male (Carl) 298 eggs
Combee female (Bee-Atrix) 1167 eggs
Sandshrew (Pango-kill) Horde Encounter

Audino (Kagami) Dex-Nav
Trapinch (Malachite) 217 eggs
Trapinch (Agate) 85 eggs
Zorua (Loki) Dex-Nav
Spheal female (Olivia) 140 eggs
Spheal male (Moustache) 176 eggs

I've also have some less exciting news.

The AMV I sent in for Abunaicon 2015 got rejected

It involves the anime series Buso Renkin with the song "Hooked on a feeling"

For who wants to see it, here's the AMV:

Hope you guys like the video.

SSJGarfield signing out


Here's a silly clip with Walrus's


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:iconfemalesaiya-jins: :iconbudokai: :iconss4club: :iconcell-division: :iconfusions: :iconilovejoey-fanclub: :iconelephanttrunk:

My OC's:

Spore username: SSJRaptor

3DS Friendcode (For Pokémon X and Y) : 5112-3405-2431
Friend Safari type: Electric




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