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Sleepy giant by SSJGarfield
Sleepy giant
Reptielenhuis De Aarde, Breda, The Netherlands

The reptile house's largest resident, Tonnie the reticulated python is also the longest python in the Netherlands. Here she's just looking up all sleepy eyed. Tonnie is 7 meters (Just over 23 feet) long

Enjoy =D
Dinner for two? by SSJGarfield
Dinner for two?
Reptielenhuis De Aarde, Breda, The Netherlands

Two Cuvier's dwarf caimans looking over the edge of their pool, making them look like their wondering when their next meal is served.

Enjoy =D
Argentine Black and White Tegu by SSJGarfield
Argentine Black and White Tegu
Reptielenhuis De Aarde, Breda, The Netherlands

A group of Argentine black and white Tegu in their enclosure and I have to say that these huge lizards are so beautiful =D

Enjoy =3
Cane Toad by SSJGarfield
Cane Toad
Reptielenhuis De Aarde, Breda, The Netherlands

A huge cane toad relaxing in it's terrarium.

It was the first time I saw one of these amphibeans in real life and my god they are enormous. I heard the stories about these destructive toads but I never imagined they were so big. Three cane toads share the same terrarium and each one of them were about the size of a soccer ball.

Enjoy =D
Indian Cobra by SSJGarfield
Indian Cobra
Diergaarde Blijdorp/Rotterdam Zoo, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

An Indian cobra in it's terrarium

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Hey guys

Time for a new Journal in which I will review not just one but two movies I've recently watched in theatre, namely:

Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I will review the movies with the following set up:

- My history with the franchises the movies are portraying
- Synopsis of the movie
- Pro's and Cons
- Final verdict


My history with the franchise:

I haven't been much of a reader of the Marvel Comics in my life so I got into the Marvel characters pretty late in the game when I started watching cartoon series and movies based on this studio's Super Heroes such as Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Spiderman. This is also how I got to know Peter Quill AKA Starlord and his ragtag team of allies. After being exposed to these characters in Avengers Assemble, Ultimate Spiderman and Hulk and the agents of SMASH, I got to see the trailer for the movie and it got my full attention at the song they were playing (Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede).


After witnessing his mother dying from cancer, a young Peter Quill runs away and is picked up by an alien space ship. Twenty-six years later, we'll see an adult Peter Quill (Now calling himself Star-Lord) exploring an abondoned planet in search of an ancient orb-like relic but runs into henchmen of the evil Kree overlord Ronan but manages to escape in the hopes to sell the relic on the Nova Corps home planet Xanadar. After getting into a fight with the assasin Gamora and bounty hunter raccoon Rocket and his houseplant/muscle Groot, Peter ends up in jail where he meets the fifth member of the gang, Drax the Destroyer, followed by them breaking out, in search of a way to sell the orb, followed by a lot of hillarity and action as the group start to know each other and save the galaxy from the clutches of Ronan.


- Next to "Hooked on a Feeling", many more hits from the 1970's and 1980's are played
- The characters have great chemistry
- Rocket felt like an actual real life anthropomorphic raccoon instead of just a cartoon character among live action super heroes
- Groot was beautifully made and he was truely lovable
- Thanos looked glorious in his first true movie appearance instead of a dark glimps as in his post credit appearance in The Avengers
- Great story and effects
- The post credit scene containing a cameo appearance of a certain ill-tempered anthropomorphic duck


- Drax wasn't really as fleshed out as you would expect. Not much is known about him except why he's on a galaxy wide rampage
- Ronan pales in comparison to other Marvel movie villains such as Loki, Red Skull and Thanos.

Final Verdict:

Guardians of the Galaxy is a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic universe. A great cast of awesome characters and beautifully made settings makes it a great movie for both fans of the series and non-Marvel fans.

Score: 4,5 out of 5

Next up: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

My history with the franchise:

I've been a fan of the TMNT franchise since the 1987 cartoon series. I used to have the toys of the series, watched the cartoon and saw the movies of the 1990's (Michelangelo has always been my favourite). After a hiates of several years I got into the series again when the 2003 cartoon series started to air and bit by bit I got to see more of the franchise, up to the point when the 2012 animated series started. When I first heard of the news of a new live action movie to be made, I was so happy that the franchise got another movie, but the fun was cut short when I heard Micheal Bay was involved in the production of the movie so I really feared that this movie was going to bomb, especially with all the rumors that the source material is thrown out of the window by making the Turtles being aliens instead of mutants. Even the first trailer put me off by the Turtles's design so I had my doubts to go see it when it gets released in theaters. After a while I decided to give the movie the benefit of the doubt and have a look when it's released.


New York City is on the verge to be taken over by a criminal organization known as the Foot Clan lead by The Shredder. While investigating the Foot Clan's activities, News reporter April O'Neil finds out that the Foot Clan's plans are hindered by one or more vigilantes. During her investigations she discovers that the Foot Clan's plans are foiled by four mutant humanoid turtles.


- The turtles each have the quirks and attitudes we all know and love (To quote the original 1987 theme song "Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines. Raphael is cool but crude. Michelangelo is a party dude" )
- Splinter was awesome in the movie as well, especially in his fight against the Shredder
- The Shredder was surprisingly swift and agile despite the bulky impression he made in the trailers and still retaining his Japanese origins so it's still likely Oroku Saki, even though the name wasn't mentioned in the movie
- Megan Fox was a decent April O'Neil (Somewhat between 1987 series April and 2012 series April in personality)


- Story was a bit awkward and the villain's plans were way to predictable
- The Foot clan being a group of millitant terrorists instead of a clan of ninja's

Final Verdict:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a fun movie and the Turtles really stole the spotlight. Even though their designs were getting used to, they are still the fun loving, pizza munching and honourable warriors we all know and love. If you also have your doubts about the movie, I do reccomend to give it a watch in theatre since it looks especially stunning in 3D.

SSJGarfield signing out

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