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Shiny Lobster? by SSJGarfield
Shiny Lobster?
Sea Life Scheveningen, The Hague, The Netherlands

A lobster with an extremely rare coloration. 

How rare you may wonder? It is said that the colloration occurs in 1 in 30 million lobsters.

And people complain how rare shiny pokémon are xD

Enjoy =D
Weedy Sea Dragon by SSJGarfield
Weedy Sea Dragon
Sea Life Scheveningen, The Hague, The Netherlands

One of the aquarium's latest inhabitants, a weedy sea dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus) who shares an aquarium with 3 others of it's kind

Sorry for the low quality of the photo but their aquarium is quite dark and both the glass's reflection and the fact you're not allowed to use flash photography don't help either

Hope you guys still like the photo
Mata Mata by SSJGarfield
Mata Mata
Reptile Zoo Iguana, Vlissingen, The Netherlands

A Mata Mata turtle sticking it's head out of the water and has a silly grin on it's face xD

Dragonball 30th Anniversary  by SSJGarfield
Dragonball 30th Anniversary
Here's my contribution to the Dragonball 30th Anniversary project, featuring my OC Jagaimo flying along Kid Goku on Kinto'un

Enjoy =D
New DBZ OC - Sangria by SSJGarfield
New DBZ OC - Sangria
After a long time, I've come up with a new DBZ villain

Name: Sangria (After a popular fruit drink from Portugal and Spain)
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Size: 5 ft 4 (Normal power)    7 ft 6 (Full strenght)

English Dub: Stephanie Sheh (Akira Kogami in Lucky Star)
Japanese: Natsuko Kuwatani (Ryoko Asakura in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Modeled after:
Kuvira (Legend of Korra)

After Frieza's demise at the hands of Goku, Sangria traveled the universe to reunite the planets who's inhabitants were enslaved by Frieza's forces and bring peace and prosperity. At first sight it looks like A has noble intentions but she has much darker motives. Her idea of bringing peace and freedom is by sealing the "liberated" planets in a force field from the rest of the universe, so no one could leave or enter the planet. 

When Goku and his friends get to know about Sangria's actions from King Kai's observations, they decide to check it out and quickly face the galactic dictator. At first she doesn't seem very powerful but after toying with the Z-fighters, Sangria is able to transform into a taller and more muscular version of herself. After she easily beats up Vegeta into submission, Sangria gets punched into a cliff by a Kaio-Ken powered Jagaimo, enraging her in the process. Sangria easily falls into submission after Jagaimo stops her by elbowing her into the stomach and is locked away in a maximum secured prison on a distant planet.

Hope you guys like this character
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: random creepy pasta stories
  • Reading: manga
  • Watching: Hulk and the agents of SMASH
  • Playing: Pokémon X
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Water
Hey Guys =D

As the title suggests, I've had some crazy luck when it comes to shiny Pokémon these past few weeks.

Late last month I decided to try my luck with the Masuda Method for a Naughty natured shiny Hawlucha with a European male Hawlucha and a Japanese female Hawlucha.

398 eggs later, a female shiny Hawlucha hatched. I nicknamed her Bayonetta and has perfect IV's in Attack, Sp. Defense and Speed. At that point I still had several boxes worth of eggs left to hatch. A few days and 31 eggs after Bayonetta's birth, another shiny Hawlucha hatched. This time a male which I nicknamed Ch'tala and he has perfect IV's in Sp. Defense and Speed.

In the following week I noticed that in the Dark type section of the Friend Safari, a third Pokémon got unlocked and to my happiness it was Inkay. I saw an oppurtunity to go after a shiny Inkay so I started the hunt.

After hunting for about a day, the first shiny showed up. But it wasn't Inkay who shined but a female Nuzleaf which I nicknamed Tenga.

Another day of searching and again, the next shiny wasn't Inkay but instead being a male Sandile which I nicknamed Sebek.

Another day of searching and right at the moment I wanted to give up and go to bed, I finally stumbled upon a female shiny Inkay which I nicknamed Ika-Chan.

After befriending the new shinies in Pokémon-amie and having them go through EV training (Which is real easy in Pokémon X and Y) , I decided to go for another Masuda Method hunt, but this time I went after the cute slug-like dragon Goomy.

I wanted to have a Brave natured Goodra with the egg move Poison Tail, so first I made sure that all of the offspring had the Brave nature and the move Poison Tail. When that was done, I paired a female Goomy with 4 perfect IV's with a Japanese Gible and bred 5 boxes worth of Goomy eggs.

What I didn't and couldn't know was that this Masuda Method hunt would be the shortest I've ever dealt with, because just 13 eggs later, a shiny male Goomy popped out of it's egg. I named him Nail and though he doesn't have any perfect IV's, I'm just really happy I got a shiny Goomy and with the right EV training, I can still make it a worthy fighter =D

I still have plenty of Goomy eggs left to hatch so perhaps I can hatch another shiny Goomy in the current batch of eggs

SSJGarfield signing out



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My OC's:

Spore username: SSJRaptor

3DS Friendcode (For Pokémon X and Y) : 5112-3405-2431
Friend Safari type: Electric



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